Bathroom Updates In Bristol

Looking for simple ways to update your bathroom? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some amazing, quick bathroom updates in Bristol!

Our team have been renovating, installing and designing bathrooms in and around the Bristol area for many years and today, we’re going to share some of our easy updates with you. 

Renew Your Tile Grout:

One of the best ways to make a bold new statement with your bathroom is to replace your tile grouting. Over the years you can notice damage and some areas losing their ‘wow’ factor. 

When you renew your grout you must remove the grout first and then replace it with the new. We always recommend leaving this to the professionals – and our team are here to help with anything you may need when it comes to bathroom updates in Bristol. 

Work On Better Lighting:

Lighting can change everything in a room! You can experiment with different lighting colours. You can choose cool, warm or anything in between.

When it comes to accent lighting, that is where you can have fun. Why not line the underneath of your bath for some mood lighting, or add lamps, under mirror lights or something a bit more colourful!

When it comes to updating your bathroom lights, there are some restrictions for health and safety – so we always recommend consulting an expert before installation. 

Modify Your Mirrors: 

Mirrors may not seem like a big deal – but they truly are. 

You can add mirrors to reflect light, making your bathroom look and feel brighter and bigger. Alternatively, you can use your mirrors as a statement piece. Try adding a frame around them or playing around with different shapes to find what works best for you. 

In some cases you can have multiple mirrors and in others you will just want one that is big and bold. 

Replace Old Tiles: 

Replacing your tiles can give the impression of a bathroom remodel, while just changing one thing. You can simply change the backsplash tiles or the tiles in your shower.

Tiles are a great way to express yourself because there are some many shapes, sizes and colours. You can create a wide array of different patterns and make the whole look tie in with your overall bathroom vibe. 

Bathroom Updates In Bristol: 

When it comes to designing bathrooms in Bristol, we pride ourselves in our expertise. Our family business has been loved and trusted in Bristol for many years and we want to share that same quality service with you.

If you are interested in learning more, please, contact us.

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