Bristol Bathroom Fitting

Bristol Bathroom Fitting:

Here at Bathroom Fitters Bristol, we offer incredible bathroom installation services for fair prices. Whether you’re fitting a whole new bathroom, wetroom, installing a new toilet or something else – you’ll want to get it done correctly the first time. We are the best when it comes to Bristol bathroom fitting.  

Our experts have been in the trade for over 15 years and offer the highest quality service available. To ensure the longevity of your bathroom and your home we always recommend choosing a bathroom fitter who knows what they’re doing.  

Wetroom Fitters Bristol: 

Wetrooms can be installed in any bathroom and are a great option for small space solutions along with larger bathrooms. 

They add a touch of luxury to any space and flow seamlessly into the rest of the room. 

The most important part about a wetroom installation is the fact that the whole room needs to be completely waterproof. It is a key component to making the most out of your wetroom and ensuring a long life without expensive repairs. 

While you can customise your wetroom to fit any of your preferred taste – we do have some recommendations. 

Screens work very well in smaller spaces. These allow an area for the water to bounce off of instead of spraying all over the room and getting on things you would prefer to stay dry such as towels and loo roll. 

We also recommend choosing a tiling that isn’t too slippery especially if you have young ones or older people in your home. There are a lot of non-slip options available that will still give you the look and feel you’ll love. 

Bristol Bathroom Design: 

Designing a bathroom can be a really exciting task! Taking control of your overall look, playing with colours and materials. However, it’s not a task for everyone. 

If you’re looking for some help with your design, we have a team of seasoned professionals who would love to assist you in creating the bathroom of your dreams. 

Bristol Bathroom Fitting Near Me:

If you’re in Bristol then you are in luck! 

Visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us for your free quote. You can send us photos, an email or give us a call. 

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