Small Space Bathroom Solutions

Compact spaces may seem to limit you at first – but they don’t have to! There are many different directions you can take to make the most out of your smaller bathroom. Today we’re diving into small space bathroom ideas that will have you loving and living your best life in your petite area. 

The Illusion Of Space: 

The best way to make your bathroom look bigger is to play with illusions. There are many ways you can do this, so we’ve put a list of tried and tested methods below.

  • Use glass in your shower or as a divider in your wetroom. This will make the space feel open and airy. 
  • Paint a dark colour halfway up the wall and leave the rest white. This will create an illusion of height. 
  • The simpler the design, the more open it will feel. Think modern style with smart storage solutions. 
  • Trick the eye with tiles, try out different styles and pattern to see which ones work best for you. 

Small Space Bathroom Furniture Ideas:

Selecting your furniture can be one of the most exciting parts of designing your bathroom. 

When you’re working with a small amount of space it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right items. 

We highly recommend multi-functional pieces that can double as storage. Freestanding items work well to keep your items organised and easily accessible. 

We also love a wall-mounted basin can also make all of the difference. By making that connection you’re saving space and keeping the whole look cohesive. 

Functionality Over Everything: 

When you are designing the layout of your small bathroom, you need to have a really good think about what you do where. 

You’ll need to ensure that everything is placed in a very convenient location to make use of your space. 

It probably makes sense to keep your towels tucked away in a cupboard or drawers to stop them from getting damp, but you’ll need them close to the shower. Continue to work this out for all of the items in your bathroom. 

Lighting Up A Small Bathroom: 

Lighting is vital. Include task lighting next to mirrors for complete functionality. 

We always appreciate adjustable and dimmable lighting. You can place these in alcoves or behind a bath to create drama or a spa-like vibe. 

Lighting safety is also very important, so make sure to do your research or contact a professional before making any changes in your bathroom lights. 


A small bathroom is not a limiting item – instead, it’s an opportunity to let great design shine! 

We have a team here who are ready to help you with everything from designing to installing, so make sure to let us know if you have any questions when it comes to small space bathroom ideas. 

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